What We Do


  • We connect local healthcare workers with our interdisciplinary team of engineers, clinicians, researchers, and entrepreneurs to identify problems.
  • We conduct research to gain new insight into the problem.
  • We utilize research insights to brainstorm and develop innovative solutions that effectively address the problem.
  • We strategically seek solutions that generate the highest return per dollar invested.
  • We test and implement solutions and disseminate findings to the global community.


Developed countries have access to modern reproductive healthcare resources such as birth control, surgical intervention, and prenatal care. However, access to these services is made possible by infrastructure that requires decades for countries to develop as well as political and economic stability. Therefore, we must innovate to meet reproductive health needs on a global scale. At GIRHL, we utilize a scientific approach from an engineering perspective to foster innovation.

Our programs are designed address two large but key areas of unmet need in developing countries– maternal health and obstetric fistula.


Current Projects

Maternal Health Initiative

Our Maternal Health Initiative aims to address maternal and neonatal mortality and morbidity through research and interventions made possible through the cooperation of several entities.

Fistula Research Initiative

Obstetric fistula is a complication of prolonged labor that has been eradicated in developed countries but continues to devastate families and communities throughout the developing world.